Grow NJ Kids

Grow NJ Kids is New Jersey’s quality rating and improvement system. It is a system designed to create universal standards of quality for all early care and education programs (Head Start, Child Care, Preschool, etc.) throughout New Jersey.

Grow NJ Kids also provides families with a better understanding about the quality of early care and education programs to consider when determining the needs best for their children.

The framework for programs to continue to meet high quality standards are divided into five core areas:

  • Safe, Healthy Learning Environment
  • Curriculum and Learning Environment
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • Workforce/Professional Development
  • Administration and Management

Grow NJ Kids provides an opportunity for continuous improvement of early education and care programs and provide essential resources and support - all free of charge.

There are many benefits to Grow NJ Kids, including:

  • An assessment tool to review your program
  • A clear roadmap for improving quality
  • A way to market to parents your higher quality child care program; and
  • Financial incentives to help programs continue and maintain a high quality program

Participation in Grow NJ Kids entails the following:

  • Active membership in the NJ Workforce Registry for Childhood Professionals as an approved Program Administrator or Multi-Site Administrator
  • Active membership in the NJ Workforce Registry Childhood Professionals of all of your program’s teaching staff
  • Completion of the Grow NJ Kids Enrollment Form at
  • Attendance at the three-day Grow NJ Kids Orientation
  • Collaboration with an assigned Grow NJ Kids Quality Improvement Specialist
  • Participation in required professional development trainings and workshops
  • Attendance at Grow NJ Kids meetings
  • Utilization of an approved self-assessment tool to assess the quality of your program
  • Development of a Program Improvement Plan for your program based on the self-assessment tool results
  • Utilization of Grow NJ Kids enhancement grant and scholarship funds in the implementation of the Program Improvement Plan

To enroll in Grow NJ Kids, follow these steps:

  • You must have a valid e-mail account and password in order to enroll in Grow NJ Kids.
  • Create your NJ Workforce Registry profile at by clicking on “Enroll Now.”
  • Validate your email address by clicking the link in the confirmation email you receive.
  • Log in to your NJ Workforce Registry account and in the left-hand sidebar, click on “Request Admin Access” if you oversee one site or “Request MSA Access” if you oversee more than one site. Send the required documentation to the NJ Workforce Registry to authorize your Administrator or Multi-Site Administrator Access.
  • Once approved, click the link in your “Program Administration” tab to the “Grow NJ Kids Enrollment Form.”