Directors and Administrators

As a program director or administrator, you may apply to become approved to verify the employment of all of your staff members.   Once approved, you may also track each staff person’s education and professional development, run staffing reports about your center, and search for instructors and trainings to fulfill Office of Licensing and NJ Workforce Registry professional development requirements. 

Once approved for Admin or MSA Access, administrators will verify each staff person's level on the NJ Workforce Registry Career Lattice, job title, start date, end date (if applicable), salary, hours worked per week and per year, whether the staff person completed the 8-hours of staff orientation required by the Office of Licensing, and whether the staff person works in a Board of Education-contracted classroom.  This verification process is essential, because it enables the NJ Workforce Registry to have "verified" data that is "confirmed as true," so that we can know that any reports that are run using this data are accurate and usable. 

Therefore, only those individuals in the place of employment who already have access to sensitive data such as salary should apply for Admin or MSA Access. That is why NJ Workforce Registry requires proof that the individual applying for Admin or MSA Access is in an administrative position.  If there is a question whether the individual qualifies for Admin or MSA Access, NJ Workforce Registry staff will be contacting the applicant's place of employment for clarification. 

  1. Join the NJ Workforce Registry or renew your membership at
  2. Submit your college transcripts, training certificates, and proof that you are the director of your center(s). No fee is required.
  3. Enter your full child-related employment history in your NJ Workforce Registry profile under “Employment Information” by clicking on “Edit,” then “Add Employment.” Enter the name of your program, hit "Search," then "Select" the correct site and enter all remaining fields. If you can't find your program name when you hit "Search," click on "Employer Not Listed," and enter all fields. After you hit "Submit," a member of the NJ Workforce Registry staff will assist you.
  4. Once all of your documentation is received in our office, and your NJ Workforce Registry status is made “Active,” click on “Request Admin Access” (if you are the director of a single site) or “Request MSA Access” (if you are the director of multiple sites).
  5. NJ Workforce Registry staff will notify you of your administrative access status by e-mail.

If you should have any questions, “Request Counseling” in your NJ Workforce Registry profile.